Résumé killers! What NOT to put on your résumé

When going through a heap of resumes to shortlist candidates, I have observed some ‘resume-killer’ information that candidates include which I believe is a waste of real estate and may kill your first impression.

It is estimated that Hiring Managers only spend an average of 6 seconds reading a  résumé. Hence, to make a good impression it is important to avoid mistakes.

So make sure to skip the following.


No one cares.

They’re a waste of time and “space”.



It is obvious you want the job if you have applied for it. Only appropriate if you are completely changing careers.

Personal Pronouns

Don’t use words “I” “Me” or “My”. It is understood that everything on your résumé is about you.

Irrelevant Experience

Old and irrelevant jobs just add clutter.

Irrelevant jobs


Tacky and distracting.

resume image

Professional contact information

You don’t want your recruiters calling your office looking for you. Also, your current employer can monitor your calls and emails.


These words are some of the biggest turnoffs for hiring managers.

buz words

Present tense for past jobs

Present tense

Only your current job should be written in present tense.

Unnecessary words

Unnecessary words

Don’t waste valuable space with obvious words.



Most importantly to make a good impression make sure to run a spell check on your résumé or get someone else to review it for you.



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