This is what a PERFECT résumé looks like

When shortlisting résumés, the following is my ideas on what a perfect résumé should include so to give a good impression of the candidate.

How you format and layout the content of your résumé is just as important as the actual content. It has to be easy for someone to quickly scan over and pick out the most important pieces of your résumé.

Always think that the top third of your résumé should be a snapshot of your career. It should be everything they need to know about you in terms of, what type of job you are targeting and why are you qualified for that job. It should sum up what they really need to know about you and provide teasers for the rest of the résumé, so they actually want to read the rest. They want to know!

I go out on a limb and say, “objective” is an ugly word to use in a résumé. You don’t want that on your résumé.


It’s the vaguest thing in the entire world. It doesn’t tell the recruiter really anything about you. And it’s all about what you want and not necessarily what you can provide to the employer.

Professional Summary

Proff summary

So without that awful run of the mill “objective” statements replace it with a “professional summary” that is your elevator pitch. What you need to capture is,

  • What are you great at?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Why are you qualified to peruse that type of role?

Core Competencies

Core comp

Underneath that, you have your core competencies or the area of expertise section. It’s a quick summary so they understand who they are dealing with and what’s your realm of knowledge to figure out if you are a good fit or not.

Formatting of work experience

work ex

When you are looking at your work experience on your résumé and you are trying to break it down, it is recommended to have a small paragraph that describes your roles and responsibilities in that role. Basically, at the end of the day what you were hired to do.

Underneath that, you use bullets to draw the eye to your bragging points. Always think,

           Bullet points = Bragging points

When using bullet points keep in mind to always use “action verbs”.

Number of Pages

If you are fresh out of school if you are entry level you get one page of real estate. You have not done enough to move to the second page. You don’t get that much real-estate.

If you are 5 or more years out of college and have had a few jobs and have enough material, then you are eligible to move to a second page.

          Entry level= 1 page

          5 or more years out of college + multiple jobs= 2 pages


Your header should be larger. You can use 13-16 font size. Your main body should be between 10-12 font size.

Page layout

You can go low as ½ an inch all the way around. But definitely don’t go any lower than that. You would run into issues as printing at that point and the page will just look too cluttered. And finally if you are trying to go lower than that, you are just trying to cram too much of information in and you need to reevaluate what you are putting in there in the first place.


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