The best (free) cross bowser testing tools

These are websites you can go to and with a few clicks get connected to a remote browser of your choice to manually test local or remote sites.

  • Sauce Labs. If you’re using it for an open source project it’s completely free to use. Otherwise, you can sign up for a free account, giving you 30 mins of manual testing. You can test on an extensive list of browsers, and they provide tools for tunneling so you can test local code.
  • BrowserStack. Very similar to Sauce Labs, but unfortunately they have no free tier, they do give you a pretty good trial period though. They are similar to Sauce Labs, offer lots of browsers, and tools for tunneling (which are easier to use than Sauce Labs).
  • browserling. Simple and easy to use and has a free plan that’s great for individual developers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer mobile device testing. It offers tunneling, but it’s less flexible than Sauce Labs’ or BrowserStack’s.

For individual testers wanting to do UI testing, Sauce Labs or browserling is probably the way to go — they’re easy to setup and free.


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